Falling Hard for Montevideo, Uruguay

Oh Uruguay.  What a fabulous and humbling country.  Montevideo, its capital, is home to the majority of Uruguay’s population and where I spent four delightful weeks.  My first impression of the country wasn’t…..well, impressive.  My quaint little apartment was right in the heart of the capital near Ciudad Viaje (“Old Town”) in a concrete jungle littered with trash, dog … Continue reading Falling Hard for Montevideo, Uruguay

Exuma: 3rd Annual Ladies Kayak Trip

3rd annual ladies kayak trip.  Wow. Never thought I would type THAT after the treacherous paddle back to our launch site during my 1st annual. But I keep coming back and it just keeps getting better.  Admittedly, I was panicked as the wind forecast was even WORSE than that traumatic day during the first trip (which I wrote alllll … Continue reading Exuma: 3rd Annual Ladies Kayak Trip

Kayaking the Exumas: 2nd Annual, Day 1

Somehow, someway, the weather gods heard my calls and sensed my fears. Those howling winds came to a screeching halt. All morning, my undivided attention was nowhere else but on the movement (or lack thereof) of the palm fronds surrounding my rental. Happy happy joy joy!!! But would it last??? Good lord I hoped so. … Continue reading Kayaking the Exumas: 2nd Annual, Day 1

Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Ignorant Observations

It was the final summer weekend for the locals before they return to work and school, so the island was extremely busy. Surprisingly, we didn’t see as many Americans as we expected. Not disappointing, just surprising. There are two main streets on the island in the Playa Norte (north beach) area that are lined with … Continue reading Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Ignorant Observations

Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Swimming With Giants

Guilty. <waiving hand in air> I’m guilty of it.  I’m guilty of thinking (saying) “that’s a dream of mine!” but yet have no plan and take no action towards physically making that dream come true. Until now. As a young girl, I was enamored by all things underwater. I dreamt of being a dolphin trainer … Continue reading Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Swimming With Giants