is LIVE!

Gaaaaahhhhhhh. More than a year ago, I set out on a mission to help friends and travelers navigate The Exumas, my happiest place on Earth. Its beauty is just too magical not to share and it took me numerous trips to master all of its nooks and crannies. Road signs don’t exist, businesses don’t have websites, many don’t have visible signs, public beaches aren’t clearly marked and there isn’t much available online. Sure, you can use google maps but that doesn’t actually GUIDE someone or provide any info about the points of interest. Trip Advisor is a great forum for questions and such but still doesn’t help guide you through the islands.

One might argue that discovery is the best part of exploration, but when time and funds are limited, it sure is nice to have a little cheat sheet. And that is the purpose of this. It certainly leaves much to be discovered but helps you along the way.

I had no clue designing a map would be so difficult. Cartographers are few and far between and graphic designers are NOT cartographers, contrary to what I or they may think. 🙂 Three graphic designers later, no blood but a lot of emotional sweat, and maybe a few tears, here is the final map and guide of Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and Stocking Island that I can say I’m damn proud of. Find it at

I’d LOVE any feedback you have. Give it to me straight. Whether it’s the user interface, the map, the colors, the font, whatever. I’m all ears and ready with open arms to take in any feedback you can provide.

Just as anywhere, this island is evolving. I’ll post updates in the blog section of the website as they happen and update the maps periodically.

Your support has already been overwhelming and I thank you endlessly for your kind and inspiring words. Cheers.

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