Exuma: 3rd Annual Ladies Kayak Trip

3rd annual ladies kayak trip.  Wow. Never thought I would type THAT after the treacherous paddle back to our launch site during my 1st annual. But I keep coming back and it just keeps getting better.  Admittedly, I was panicked as the wind forecast was even WORSE than that traumatic day during the first trip (which I wrote alllll about in a previous post here). How would we avoid this?  I kept planning routes in my head but none of them would keep us out of the wind.  But alas, our bad ass guide Tamara from Out Island Explorers pulled hero status and came up with a perfect plan:  Paddle the flats on the south side of the island starting at the Ferry between Great and Little Exuma and work our way west paddling WITH the wind.  It would turn out to be a genius plan.

Three and a half days and 24 miles later and we knocked out another incredible trip for the books.  The landscape in Exuma just doesn’t stop.  Just when you think you’ve seen the best Exuma has to offer, paddle another 10 minutes and you’ll find yourself right smack in the middle of a “too good to be true” Instagram travel photo from the Maldives or Bora Bora.  But no, this is just the Bahamas.  A mere hour and a half flight from Florida. Shhhh don’t tell the masses.  

No significant events to highlight this year.  No traumatic winds, no shark encounters, no poo crabs.  Just an idyllic kayak trip through the most magnificent islands that one could possibly dream of.  And there isn’t much more I would ask for.  #grateful #readytopaddleagain

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