Goodbyes Suck.

There’s no question that my time spent in Floripa was absolutely remarkable. I met 25 strangers from all over the world that became 25 of my closest friends. Traveling solo has its benefits but now I truly believe traveling with a group has even more. I was able to do more, see more, feel more, laugh more, and love more that I ever would have traveling alone. Saying “yes” felt incredible and I said so to almost everything I had the opportunity to experience. Saying “no” was tough, although at times my liver was pissed, and for three weeks I had some sort of respiratory funk going on, so it was necessary. FOMO always set in like something fierce but my body needed a break.  This chick doesn’t like breaks.

Between all-night club experiences only meant for 20 yr olds, sexy chair dancing lessons that I will likely never remember, beach hikes that left me with scrapes and scars that I will cherish forever, attempts at samba dancing with Brasilians that probably felt sorry for me, and learning and losing at the game “Assassin” within just a few hours when its supposed to last for days, I feel like I’ve done it all. I checked things off my bucket list that weren’t even ON my bucket list. And I did it because I was scared to death of it. Traveling alone to a third world country for six weeks and meeting up with a group of people I’ve never met is absolutely terrifying for an introvert. Perhaps exhilarating for others.

Here are my people.  People for life.



I won at the game of life in Brasil. But, saying goodbye sucks. It sucks BAD. Quite painful actually. Part of the group is continuing the South America route with Hacker Paradise and others are jumping over to the Europe/Asia route and heading to Valencia, Spain. The rest, like myself, have other travel plans. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Or do they?

Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.

To be continued…


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