Another solo adventure awaits…in Floripa, Brasil!

Boredom has set in like something fierce. I have the social life of a sloth and life is passing me by. Work work work. Work work work. Working from home is no fun if you don’t leave said home. So, I shall. I shall leave my hermit crab shell and set out on another solo trip. This one even longer than my first solo adventure to Exuma.

Olaaaaaaaaa Florianopolis, Brasil! 🇧🇷 Yes, that is an “s” in Brasil. The way it’s supposed to be.  I never understood why countries take it upon themselves to change proper nouns. Who proclaimed one day “That ‘s’ should be a ‘z’!”?!?!? The nerve.
I know not a soul. I don’t speak Portuguese (except Ola, not to be confused with Hola). My tan is of the Irish tone. And I have absolutely zero plans. But my bad ass Samba moves are on point so bring on the dance parties. The social struggle is real people. In two weeks, I’m embedding myself in the most unfamiliar environment I have ever been in. Six weeks. Six weeks of everything new and everything uncomfortable. Six weeks of new relationships, new food, new currency, new language, new music, and new culture. Pretty much as vulnerable and awkward as I’ll ever feel in my life. Woop woop.  So bring it on Floripa!!!! Saude! 🥂  Stay tuned…
P.S.  That image ^ is just a random photo I took in Eleuthera.  No photos of Floripa.  Not yet. 🙂

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