Kayaking the Exumas: 2nd Annual, Day 2

I watched the sun as it slowly rose over the “bush” (as they call it in the Bahamas) and it brought the air temperature up just enough to take a morning dip in the ocean, for more reasons than one. The water was dead calm and still a bit nippy but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go! And you have to make a run for it from the tent or you’ll serve as the morning’s breakfast for about 4 million sand flies. It was a refreshing way to start the day and even with little to no sleep, I was ready to enjoy another long paddle adventure.


We paddled out for the day at about 10:30am and Tamara gave us an overview the day’s course. Even after we rounded the corner of our cove, the water was glassy calm and you could clearly see the bottom, up to 30 feet I’m guessing, and anything that swam by seemed like you could reach out and touch it. We paddled our way towards New Cay and into a natural channel that winds through a large mangrove area. It was a crystal clear lazy river and luckily we were paddling with the current, weaving back and forth through the breeding grounds of most marine life. The scenery was stunning and a nice change from the already glorious scenery we see everyday. I was disappointed that I couldn’t take pictures of it as the current was fairly strong and obviously steering the kayak was my primary responsibility. But I’ve included a few photos from the other ladies below. After the channel opened up into a wider canal, we took a quick stop on the shore for a photo opp that provided a panoramic view of the incomparable Exuma Blues on the north side of New Cay.


We continued on our way to a snorkeling spot on the northern tip of New Cay. A small sandy beach awaited and we all grabbed a snack before gearing up to snorkel around. We encountered a sea turtle that scurried away quickly, Pursey saw a spotted eagle ray, and I found a huge conch of some sort. The water was rather cloudy so visibility wasn’t the best that day. I was just happy to get in some underwater time.   We moved on to another beach right around the corner, informally called Birthday Beach, to eat lunch and relax for a bit before heading back to camp. More bacon was consumed and I was refueled for the trip back.


The paddle back to camp was easy and serene as can be and would complete our 5.5 mile day trip. Now that we were on our second night, everyone went about their nighttime routine before gathering around the fire for dinner. Some girl talk, a pole dancing exhibition, and a lot of laughs rounded out what would be another perfect day on the water. But the best was yet to come…..


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