Eleuthera Escapades: Day 1

Let’s be real…I’m no travel blogger. I’m simply recording my experiences and thoughts for those who might be interested in visiting the same nooks and crannies of the world that I do as well as feeding information into a log so when my dementia is at its zenith at 80, I can read about all of the incredible places I’ve been, interesting people I’ve met, and delightful food I’ve eaten. Then I can re-live vicariously through myself!  Winning!  It’s a travel diary of sorts. A real travel blogger would make every effort to write objectively to woo the hotels, airlines, and restaurants to get free trips around the world. Rather, my blog is full of subjectivity, assumptions, opinions, and perspective. My own perspective. Just thought I’d leave my disclaimer here again for ya.

Speaking of opinions, allow me to digress. The parking situation at the Ft. Lauderdale airport might be the biggest clusterf*ck I have ever experienced in my traveling life. I’ve now been to the airport at least 4 times, which I dreadfully and occasionally have to choose over Orlando, and without fail, I end up in a garage or parking area far far away from where I should be. The signs are placed in inconvenient places, half of them have burnt bulbs or both the red AND green lights are illuminated indicating they don’t know what the hell spaces are available, the lots are often full, the design is a mess, the old “economy” parking is now an employee-only lot, and the maps in the garages are just as effing confusing. I was so angry by the time I got in the terminal I wrote them a nice little email. Silver Airways isn’t much better. But as long as they can get me from point A to point B, I will likely continue to use them.


Wait whaaaaaa???? So if I want to get to Terminals 2, 3, or 4, I’ll have to fly, because clearly if you can’t fly you are just SOL.

On a positive note, ticketing and security is a breeze but it still didn’t make up for the parking garage mayhem they have going on over there. Hmph. Rant over.

Anyhooooo, it’s vacation time and that’s all I care about. Time to explore the island of Eleuthera and check another Bahamian gem off my bucket list. Eleuthera, Greek for “freedom”, has long been on my must-see list. I am an avid Trip Advisor reader/participant and many Exuma lovers on TA have this unrelenting love affair with Eleuthera. So I thought I would join in on said affair. Might I also add that it is the stomping grounds of Lenny Kravitz, my childhood heart throb. So I wasn’t going to mind running into him in Governor’s Harbour or Gregory Town. If that should happen by chance. Maybe. Perhaps. I hope so. Please make it so.

I was looking forward to taking aerial pics on the flight but got stuck with the crappiest seat on the plane…


Check out that sweet view.  And the window quality is on point.

I flew into the North Eleuthera airport (ELH) and was fully prepared for the long haul to Governor’s Harbour, about an hour’s drive south on a two-lane road. Governor’s Harbour actually has its own airport but the flight schedules just didn’t work out. If I recall, the prices were a bit higher as well.

The North Eleuthera airport was even smaller than the Great Exuma airport (GGT), with barely enough room for 4 people to stand in the immigration line and room for about 10 in the customs line. Both lines, needless to say, were literally out the door. If I could have taken a picture of the inside, I would have. But here is the entire airport to give you perspective. And those people in the photo are waiting to get on the plane I just exited.


Arrivals on the left, departures on the right.

I rented a vehicle from a man that was highly recommended on Trip Advisor named Kean Stubbs. In Eleuthera, rental cars are primarily owned by individuals as there are very few “agencies” as you would be used to anywhere else. Even Exuma has agencies. As I exited the airport with my bags, I called out Kean’s name, because that’s just how you do it. When there are 10 dudes standing in your face right outside the door, asking if you need a taxi, you just stay “Where’s Kean?”. They all point in his direction and a bearded Bahamian man in ripped clothes and fishing boots, smiles and says “Oh, I was expecting a man!” I knew by the emails Kean sent me that he mistook me for a dude but no big deal. I’ve been mistaken for worse. Turns out, the dude wasn’t even Kean.  He just worked for Kean and showed me to my SUV.  Badly scratched, dented, and scraped, the SUV was everything I had hoped for, and expected, on an Out Island.  Off I went (mom in tow) on a new island adventure…

7 thoughts on “Eleuthera Escapades: Day 1

  1. Lori Bowman says:


    You never disappoint with your writing! Hurry up and finish, I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Btw. I had sent you a reply way back in February regarding Exuma, we totally enjoyed our week at The Lumina Point. We fit a lot of things into one week but still we came home completely relaxed and rejuvenated and we’re looking forward to our next trip to The Exumas.

    I have never seen water that colour before and lucky for us we were there for the Full moon.



  2. Lisa says:

    You should be a professional travel blogger. At least an expert in all things Bahamian. Very good. Can’t wait for the dude that drank your moms water story. 😜


  3. airieb says:

    Thanks Lori! You’re too sweet. I’m SO glad to hear you loved Exuma. I have yet to find anything comparable without traveling to the Maldives or Tahiti, etc. It is like my second home now as I think I went 8 times last year. This year I have been branching out thinking I would find other islands with the same or similar water, beaches, sandbars, etc but no luck so far. The Turks and Caicos reefs were far better than Exuma and the water was crystal clear, however, the island itself just wasn’t for me. Thanks for reading and I’ll be posting the end of Day 1 here shortly. 🙂 Take care!


  4. Robert N. Lundy says:

    We’ve been to Exuma and Long Island (twice). Eleuthera is next on the list, so looking forward to hearing your impressions. FYI the Deadman’s Cay airport on Long Island seems to have had the same architect as N. Eleuthera!


    • airieb says:

      I haven’t yet been to Long Island but that’s clearly on my list! Dean’s blue hole and the Stella Maris pool look amazing!


  5. Molly B. says:

    Cape Santa Maria is on the north end of Eleuthera also and it has the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. Soft white sand, sapphire blue water. Just gorgeous.


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