Eleuthera Escapades: Day 2 Cont’d

So the 10 year-old kindly escorted us across the street to said bar. Local Bahamian men were on the front porch playing dominoes. There’s just something so wonderful about witnessing authentic island life. We grabbed a drink inside and immediately went out to the front porch. I felt a bit odd barging in on their … Continue reading Eleuthera Escapades: Day 2 Cont’d

Eleuthera Escapades: Day 1 cont’d

First and foremost, THANK YOU for your comments so far! You are too kind. It’s humbling to know that you’re enjoying this blog and I’m thrilled (and shocked) you can make it through at least one paragraph of my grammatically incorrect writing and aren’t too offended by the occasional foul language or opinionated comments. J … Continue reading Eleuthera Escapades: Day 1 cont’d