Final Days of Exploring Exuma

I spent my final days in Exuma perusing around my favorite beaches and restaurants.  I also took a boat ride to some new, unchartered territory for Sailor Airie. It was just glorious. You can’t fathom the shades of blue unless you’ve actually been here. Crystal clear, sapphire, teal, turquoise, aquamarine, you name it…Exuma has it all. It changes right before your eyes as you cruise in and out of deep waters. Being able to see a reef from the boat in 30 feet of water is unreal. How can it get any better? And Jesus the sandbars are amazing. Catch Moriah Harbour, Man-O-War Cay, or the Cut at low tide and you can literally hop or wade in knee-deep water from sandbar to sandbar. Occasionally, you’ll get a glimpse of a juvenile lemon shark, a turtle, or barracuda whipping around the shallows. I’ve never seen such a diversity of marine life anywhere. ANYWHERE!  The bays and the coves are just teeming with turtles, fish, rays, dolphins, and crustaceans galore. You can’t visit Exuma and NOT have an amazing time. I mean seriously. Even after the weather disaster during my first trip, I knew this was such a special place that I had to come back.

Food is always on my mind so I enjoyed a few meals in Little Exuma at Tropic Breeze and Santana’s of course. They never disappoint and the staff are so jovial and happy to chat if they are able. There was, however, one waitress that was clearly sucking at life. I was determined to kill her with kindness hoping she would at least crack a smile or pretend like she was in a good mood. I failed. She said two words during my lunch and walked around like a zombie robot. Poor lady needs a pick me up or a new man or somethin’. Sheesh.

Just check out these pictures and hit me up if you would like to know where to find these spots. You can’t go wrong if you rent a boat from Minns and explore the harbor. There are beaches everywhere but just be mindful of the private ones. Also make sure you look at the tide tables and watch the depth as you cruise around.  Don’t forget your snorkeling gear so you can kick around to your hearts desire. The countdown has begun for my next trip in June for a birthday bash. That should be interesting and full of entertaining stories, albeit inappropriate. Neither names nor pictures shall be disclosed in June’s posts to protect the identities of the potentially naked, certainly intoxicated, and definitely hungover characters that will be partaking in #yotd.  Until next time…



My lunch view from Tropic Breeze.  Not too shabby.


Lobster and Grouper Tacos from Tropic Breeze.  Don’t mind if I do!


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