Chat N Chillin’

Friday was our R&R day on Stocking Island. We watched the first race of the day from Club Peace and Plenty and the Class C boats filled the harbour with their magnificent sails. It almost gives you goosebumps after the cannon fires and you see them working so hard to pull the sails up. Pure awesomeness. After it started, we headed for Chat N Chill to explore, socialize, and imbibe of course. My mom had never seen the ocean side of Stocking Island so we hiked/waded over to that side and it was the bluest blue you can even imagine. I’m running out of adjectives and superlatives here. Layers of electric blue and turquoise and not a soul on the beach. Shocker huh? We ate, we drank, and we headed home for a nap before our second big Regatta party.


C Class boats starting the race.


Just the two of us!


Ocean side of Stocking Island.  Again, not one person in sight.


Hanging with Kendra and Shepard at CNC.  I’m drinking Sprite.  Promise.

As the weekend draws closer, the nighttime festivities get wilder. It seems to have doubled in size from Thursday night to Friday night and the street was on fiyaaaa. Funny observation about Bahamians versus Americans. You put on some music in America and the most you’ll get from us is a toe tap or a head bob. In the Bahamas, you throw on some music and in one split second, half the crowd drops it like it’s hot. I’m envious. It’s in their blood and deep in their soul. And why is it that they are all such good dancers? Haven’t seen a single bad Bahamian dancer. Hmph.  Anyhooooo, we paraded up and down the street looking in the shack fishbowls to catch any good entertainment. I met up with some friends from a previous trip and met some new locals as well that I will surely keep up with in the future. Good people here in Exuma. Good people everywhere, really. You just have to find them I suppose, but sometimes it just so happens to be in the most unusual of places. I spotted the Prime Minister of the Bahamas in the crowd.  Not too hard to find since he had several large men and a few police officers awkwardly standing around him.  I don’t know much about politics in the Bahamas but I get the feeling he isn’t well liked, solely based on the fact that few people had any interest in the fact that he was there.  Most people walked right by him without even a smile.  And they very well know who he is.


We found a great people watching spot on an upstairs deck.  Just watching, not judging.


Prime Minister Perry Christie in the white collared shirt in the middle of the picture.

We made it an early night because we rented a boat for tomorrow and knew it would be a long day.  Watch out Exuma, the ladies are driving a boat!

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