Best beach, big hair, even bigger earrings.

Dare I say that today was the perfect day when it’s only my second full day in the Exumas? We shall see. The goal for this trip was to see and experience places on the island that I have never been to. Check! I did visit Coco Plum beach during my first trip but it was in the middle of a storm, which was no bueno. So it doesn’t count. This time, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. A little windy so we didn’t get the calm waters that I’m used to seeing but this beach might be the best I have seen on Great Exuma thus far. I’m sure others would argue that opinion and clearly it’s subjective but holy crap it’s amazing. Oh and not easy to find either. No sign, no landmark, nothing. Just a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, leading you through the bush to murder land, only to end up in the most stunning clear blue water I have ever seen. They refer to the water in Exuma as the “Exuma Blues” and there are a thousand shades you just couldn’t imagine. I would call the water at Coco Plum Beach light aquamarine. The sand is like sifted flour under your feet, the water so clear it looks like it came out of the faucet, and the colors are just breathtaking. You can walk out 50 yards and still be in knee deep water. Sand dollars and starfish are just as easy to find as privacy. Like all of the beaches in Exuma, it is common to be the ONLY one on the beach. However, today there were actually two other couples, which in Exuma, means it was PACKED. It’s just so amazing. I frolicked around the sandbar like a 5 year old, took a million photos, most of which didn’t come out well, found a starfish, splashed around, and surrendered to complete beach bliss. It’s a beach that I never wanted to leave. It was too incredible to believe. But we were meeting Tamara and Dallas at the government dock to watch the Class A race from their boat and I was so amped I couldn’t wait. Poor Tamara didn’t know I was about to bombard her with 101 questions.


Stopped by Three Sisters beach on the way to Coco Plum beach.  Beautiful.


The other end of Three Sisters beach. (Not Coco Plum)


THIS is Coco Plum.  


Hard to find words for this.


This guy was floating in the shoreline.


Murder road.

Watching from the boat was really spectacular. You’re right in the game. Right in the thick of the blood, sweat, and tears that these crew members put into winning the race.   There were dozens of motorboats weaving in and out of the lineup of sailboats cheering on their teams. It was just amazing to watch and absolutely beautiful to see these boats so intimately. Embarrassingly, I have never appreciated the sport of sailing but I sure as heck do now.


Sloop parking


Tia Wave won this race.  This is the beginning where they start with their sails down and when the cannon is fired, they pull their sails as fast as possible.


Isn’t that amazing


More sailing.


I think this is Red Tide, one of the favorites.


Check out all the crew members on the side!


Spectators watching from the wall of Regatta Point.

The day was long but it wasn’t over yet. Thursday night is BBQ night at Club Peace and Plenty. Yaaasssssss! Best grilled mahi I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever. Just get it and thank me later. Food in my belly meant time for Regatta party. We met up with my buddy Kendra (remember her from Chat N Chill last time?) and hit the streets.  It was already crowded and the music was bumping. Revelers were dancing everywhere having a grand time. And the people watching….ohhhhhh….the people watching was THE BEST. They really bring it all out for Regatta ladies and gents. Questionable outfits, big hair, and even bigger earrings. Hoops so big they’re laying sideways on their shoulders people. It. Was. Awesome. I would have paid a cover charge to get in just to people watch. And for clarification, it was just watching, not judging. I’m judgy but I wasn’t judging. Only observing. Watching. That’s all. Some of the shacks look like they were built for 10 people yet 30 of them were piled inside, spilling onto the road. I still can’t figure out why they didn’t just stand in the road. It seemed as if the road served as a parade and the spectators stood in the shacks to watch. Interesting. We stood in the road, parading ourselves up and down the street all night looking into their fishbowls. I’m sure the locals were impressed with what they saw. LOL.


The calm before the storm.


More pre-storm calmness.


A terrible picture of the party getting started in front of the DJ. More pics later.

What a memorable experience and it was only our first night of Regatta partying. My liver already needs a break. Hmph.

One thought on “Best beach, big hair, even bigger earrings.

  1. Colinda says:

    Love the line “Sand dollars and starfish are just as easy to find as privacy.”

    I appreciate you sharing your experiences with all of us!


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