If you’re gonna hit it, double it.

The sun finally decided to make an appearance on Tuesday but unfortunately, the wind was an asshole. All water activities were cancelled again for the day. Our vacation to swim with the dolphins and snorkel the Sapona shipwreck would turn into a not-to-be-disclosed number of hours playing slots and blackjack at the casino.

The winds were still gusty, but it changed direction, so the west side of the island that is exposed to the ocean was quite beautiful. The sun brings out the most vibrant colors of blue in the Caribbean that it literally takes your breath away. I often feel bad for tourists that have bad weather luck and never get to see sunshine in the islands. The water is no where near as stunning when it’s cloudy.


We opted to tour the beaches and the “towns” a little to kill some time so we didn’t spend the entire day in the casino, although we both probably would gladly do so. During our travels, we stopped at several beaches along the west side, checked out the bakery, the “mall”, Bimini Big Game club (for the third time), and some of the neighborhoods. Our golf cart lady recommended CJs Deli for lunch so we took a break there and had a pretty good and surprisingly cheap meal. As it turns out, the clouds parted for most of the day so we relaxed on the fake beach at the entrance of the resort and then relocated to one of the infinity pools on the property. It was lovely getting some much deserved Vitamin D.


The infinity pool overlooking the ocean.  Now that’s pretty amazing.


Our lunch stop with our sweet ride to the left.


How we were supposed to arrive.  But didn’t.  (See said fake beach in the background.)

While laying on said fake beach, we noticed our plane was landing right in front of us on the water. I say to myself, “Self, WTF?” We took that same “SEA”plane and didn’t land on the water, why is it now landing right at the hotel like I swore I read somewhere. After much internal bitching and moaning, I put a few pieces together and realized that the winds were too strong for it to land on water so they had taken us to the runway on South Bimini instead. Sure would have been nice for someone to tell us that!!!!! Sheesh. (This was later confirmed by the Cape Air representative in the office.) Ugh. But it was nice to see that the winds had died down enough for it to resume it’s normal course and I had high hopes that we would be taking off from the water as I originally planned and read online.

We were turning into pumpkins after spending a couple of hours in the sun, or lobsters rather, so we went to the casino for the rest of the night. It was a successful night for both my mom and I as the cards just kept a comin’ our way. We met some nice people at the table, one of which coached me through some more advanced blackjack strategies that resulted in me winning big by the end of the night. So I do thank her for that. J Shockingly, the casino closed at midnight so we couldn’t keep winning and had to call it a night.

Quote of the night: “If you’re gonna hit it, double it.”

I’ll talk more about my thoughts on Bimini in my next post as soon as I have time to process my experience, albeit a limited one. Until then…

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