‘Chat N Chill’in With Mom

I’m beginning to develop a departure anxiety that I just can’t shake.  The type of dread I felt as a kid when my summer vacation had come to an end and I had to start a new grade.  It’s a terrible feeling and I only hope that I can focus on the valuable life lessons I’ve just learned and lived for the last three weeks.  More to come on that.

My mom was getting in at 2:00 so I wanted to use the time leading up to this to get in some Jolly Hall beach time.  Although it was another windy day, it was just what I needed to begin my reflection of how this island can wrap its arms around you so you never want to leave.  The beach was actually quite crowded with about four other families sprawled out among the long white cove.  It felt amazing to get some sun again and just watch the small waves roll ashore.  Ok, honestly I was watching the tide so it didn’t sweep me away but I failed and it did finally reach my towel.  Ugh.

My mom was due to land any minute so I packed up and headed for the airport.  Her flight was early so she was already waiting outside.  Oops.  Bad daughter.  We quickly collected her belongings and headed for home to get settled in.  It took her awhile to get used to me driving on the left side of the road, not to mention the passenger seat being positioned on the left side of the car instead of the right.  It’s all opposite here.  Threw her for a loop.

Tonight’s events were taking place at Catch A Fire Bar and Grill on the other side of the island.  The majority of the infrastructure is located on the North (east) side of the island and not much of anything built on the opposite side where Catch A Fire is located.  So it’s nice to get over there to watch the sunset as it is difficult to see from anywhere else besides Stocking Island.  The bugs weren’t too bad this time but the rain/wind gods decided to pay a visit while the band was setting up.  We were able to dodge the bullet by hovering close to the bar and it quickly passed.  I spotted several usual suspects, chatted with them a bit, and we made our way home.

There are so many things I want to show my mom but not sure how to get it all in just a few days.  But I knew for sure we had to get over to Chat N Chill to hang out with Kendra, snorkel Black Rock reef, and walk over to the ocean side of Stocking Island.  We spent most of the day there and it was my grand idea to take her to the reef.  The wind and waves were ridiculously angry but I insisted that we try as it was JUST around the corner from  Chat N Chill.  We would have to walk along the beach and then wade in the water to get there.  So we started on our trek.  We wade around the first corner only to find another corner we have to wade around, and then another.  Oops.  Bad daughter again.  I dragged my poor mom for what seemed like a mile to get to this reef.  Unfortunately, the reef was exposed to the windy side and it didn’t make for great snorkeling.  We kicked around for about 15 minutes and decided to head alllll the way back.  Again, oops.

So we had a few more drinks and chatted with Kendra and jumped on the 4:00 taxi back home.  Thursday night is BBQ night at Club Peace and Plenty and it gets PACKED.  We wanted to get there by 7 so we could get a seat so we headed to EBR to pick up my new friends to give them a ride.  We packed 6 of us into my little Toyota Corolla and drove down the street to the BBQ.  So much for getting a seat near the bar!!!  It was already hopping and the band hadn’t even started yet.  There was only one super long table left so we set up shop there next to the band and had a great time.  Again, saw more of the usual suspects, said my hellos, and at 9 we called it a night.  We wanted to drop Kendra off at her house but weren’t sure how to pull that off since we already turned my rental car into a clown car with 6 of us.  Adding a 7th person would be interesting.  But we did it!  I made Kendra drive and I sat in the back on the other 3 while the other couple sat on each other in the passenger seat.  Oh and FYI, stop signs here are just a suggestion.  Or as Kendra says “Stop if you want to”.  Not really, but really.  It was yet another memorable night and I sure as hell don’t want these nights to end.



P.S.  Mom doesn’t like her picture taken so you will likely not see any posted here.

“Our entire experience on this planet is determined by how we choose to perceive our reality.” Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass.

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