Road Trip/Turtle Repeat

There is one thing that will really put a damper on a vacation in the Exumas and that is stormy weather.  As I mentioned in my last post, the island experienced squalls all day on Monday, however, it forced me to take a much needed break from all of my fun and catch up on life duties.  Yesterday, I picked up some new friends I made through Kerry and took them on a little road trip to the south of the island as they didn’t have a rental car.  I know that feeling!  With taxes and insurance, a rental car will cost about $100 a day and they aren’t always necessary.  You can get around the island by rental boat, water taxi, walking (carefully), or hitching a ride.  Many tourists choose these alternative methods given the cost of renting a car.  

I picked them up at 10:30 and we headed south stopping along the way to Santana’s at some familiar spots you’ve already seen here…Forbes Hill beach, Man O’ War Cay overlook, Salt Beacon, etc.  On the way down, we ran into several bus loads of tourists at the overlook.  Turns out they were Sandals guests on an excursion like we were and since the weather was still cloudy and windy, there were more of them than usual.  We got the hell out of there as soon as we could to escape the madness and went about our way to Santana’s.  The minute we arrived at Santana’s the bartender warned us that 90 people were on their way to eat lunch and that we had to order as fast as possible.  Crap. We screamed “the tourists are coming, the tourists are coming!” Never mind that we are tourists ourselves, we just wanted to avoid the chaos. So we ordered immediately and then watched as the staff rushed to fill 90 styrofoam containers full of food before their guests arrived.  As always, the food was amazing and this time I had the grouper.  I’m pretty sure I have had grouper every day I’ve been on the island.  Can’t complain.

We enjoyed a few drinks and waited impatiently for them to arrive.  We sort of wanted to watch the show and then bolt out of there.  Andrew from Four C’s stopped by with his wife.  I knew he looked familiar and I stopped him, introduced myself, and reminded him that I was on his group charter last week.  With 15 people on a boat almost everyday, I didn’t expect him to remember me.  I joked with him that the tour was great even despite having the oil catastrophe.  He then knew EXACTLY who I was.  Ha! Finally the parade of buses and taxis arrived and we stepped back and watched as the masses of people swarmed the bar.  Nothing exciting happened but they took over like an army of ants and we then darted out.  On the way back up north, we stopped at Tropic Breeze, a quaint little shack on the beach just a mile or so from Santana’s.  We ordered some drinks, sat on the cliff overlooking the beach and shared a few laughs before heading back to town.  Next stop, visit the turtles at Hoopers Bay.

We quickly grabbed some squid from their apartment and headed to the beach.  I felt like a local entertaining my new guests and I was crossing my fingers that the turtles were hanging around.  I would have been so disappointed if we couldn’t find them since I talked them up so much.  There was a group of people on the beach in THE spot where the turtles hang out so I was feeling good that they were around.  We waded out to waist deep water, threw a few pieces of squid out to chum the water a bit, and within 5 minutes SUCCESS!  I wasn’t lying to my new friends after all.  Phew!  I took a few turtle selfies of course and the friends had a blast feeding them.

We were quickly losing sunlight and headed back to the apartment to drop them off.  I had dinner plans at 7 at Exuma Beach Resort with some new locals I met on the island and a great time was had by all.  The wind continued through the night and although it is sunny this morning, the wind won’t let up so looks like another landlocked day for me.  My mom comes to visit today until my departure.  Woohooo!  Last time she was here she didn’t get to see much so I look forward to taking her on a similar tour of the island and of course to hanging out with Kendra and Shepard at Chat N Chill.  Until next time…..






“What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.” Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass.

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