Kayaking Man O’ War Cay and TURTLE Success!

I’ve been so busy on the island that I got behind on my blog so I’ll catch you up in this post.  We were scheduled to meet up with Tamara from Out Island Explorers first thing in the morning to get the kayaks so we could explore Man O’ War Cay.  When Rosemary took me on her little road trip and showed me the overlook to this cay I knew I had to get to it.  So we put the kayaks in several miles south of home right across from the cay.  It was a bit gusty so it made the trip across the deep water a little tough but we arrived on the sandbar within about half an hour.  We parked the kayaks on the sandbar and went for a stroll in the oh-so clear water.  You could walk nearly a half a mile and still be in knee deep water.  It was like a natural wading pool but even better.  I didn’t want to leave.  But we wanted to explore the island a bit more so we kayaked in the flats around the mangroves and saw some small lemon sharks which was awesome.  Wish I had something to feed them to keep them around longer.  Apparently this is also where people come to kite surf as there was an entire boat of them that arrived just after we did.  I think they were from France but not positive.  It was entertaining watching them get their gear ready, take off, then fall, then walk a half mile back in the knee deep water to get themselves situated again, only to replay the same scenario over and over again.




After paddling around for several hours, we headed to snorkel at a rocky cliff just off the shore of the spot we launched the kayaks from.  For the first time in my life, I saw a live squid.  I’ve used dead ones for bait a zillion times but I’ve never actually seen one swimming around.  I posted the video on Facebook so check it out.  They are so camouflaged that it’s hard to see but super cool stuff.  It was a little intimidating for some reason but I followed it for awhile.  Kerry saw some purple snail thing and an enormous fish but I wasn’t present so I couldn’t tell her what it was.  Other than that the snorkeling wasn’t great.  So we headed back home and got changed and ready for an evening at Exuma Beach Resort.

It was “their night” on Friday and they had a DJ.  The DJs here are necessarily trained in transitions from one song to another.  They just play one and then abruptly start another.  Hysterical.  But who cares.  It was pretty packed with tourists and then some locals started showing up later around 10:30.  Dancing might have happened.  Yes, it happened.  At 12, they closed the bar and the party moved to Big 12 at the Fish Fry. Holy fun.  From what I remember.  The Canadians joined us and several of the locals that I now know: Kendra, Deon, Coussi, Darren, etc.  We had a friggin blast and didn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning.  The bars here don’t close until everyone leaves.  Ugh.  That’s painful.

Saturday brought possibly the most memorable experience so far.  If you recall, in the beginning of the trip I spotted some turtles from my kayak at Turtle Lagoon but no luck seeing any underwater.  Then I spotted one from the beach at Jolly Hall and then embarrassingly almost missed seeing it underwater because I was too busy taking snorkeling selfies.  Sheesh.  Well, thanks to inside information from Tamara, I was able to actually feed and swim with several sea turtles in Hoopers Bay.  What a hoot that was!  We stopped by Smitty’s on the way to Hoopers Bay Friday morning to pick up some turtle food…frozen squid.  We hastily drove to Hoopers Bay, got to the beach, and walked alllllll the way down to the last dock where we saw some people.  It was the Canadians!  Such a small place wow.  And OMG the turtles were already there and swimming all over the place.  I threw off my coverup and jumped in.  They get right in your face and have no fear of humans unlike the ones I spotted earlier in my trip.  You can tell that these particular ones have been fed for quite some time.  One of them was actually tagged on both front fins and I’m interested to know what kind of study it was involved in.  He/She was a little angry and bit my elbow thinking it was food.  So you have to be careful, especially when feeding them.  They have a ragged beak (if that’s what you would call it) so they can crack shells and such.  It was such a blissful experience and I’m still smiling from ear to ear.




After about an hour of that, we decided to head over to Chat N Chill to use up a bar credit that Kerry had over there from her birthday.  As usual, we drove to the dock in Georgetown, hopped on the water taxi, caught up with AJ and Darren and found two perfect seats at the bar.  We were starving at this point and in dire need of food.  So we chatted.  And we chilled.  Because that’s what you do there.   We reminisced the night with Kendra and how much fun it was and then proceeded to stuff our faces.  AJ picked us up a few hours later and we headed for home to get ready to go eat at the Fish Fry and meet up with some of Kerry’s friends that just coincidentally flew into town.  We started at Shirley’s but decided instead to eat at Big 12.  The bar where all of the dancing might have happened. Wow was their BBQ good.  Get their pork.  Just do it.  You’re welcome.  It was an early night for me as I was still nursing a small hangover from the night before.  But don’t tell anyone that.  😉

“Faith is having the audacity to believe in the not-yet seen.” Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass.

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