Drunk Annoying Tourists and Bad Weather

Is it possible that you sometimes have to take a day off of vacationing?  Yes, yes it is.  I’ve been gone for so long that I had to spend the last two days catching up on life (reality).

My friend Kerry left to go back to Colorado yesterday and although I will miss her, my liver won’t.  We had such a great time and met so many wonderful people while she was here that I know she is already missing the islands.  And I’m already anxiously anticipating the end of my sabbatical.  Focus on the positive Airie, focus on the positive.


Kerry, Kendra, and I

Yesterday I dropped her off around noon and immediately hopped on the water taxi to Chat N Chill to hang with Kendra and Shepard.  I suspected I would also run into Kerry’s friends (now my friends) Dean and Tracy and another couple they were traveling with.  And I did.  We shared a few laughs and a drink and they went on about their day shortly thereafter.  I, however, spent the rest of the afternoon in the back corner of the bar.  The best seat in the house to watch drunk annoying tourists order drinks and food and to chat with Kendra and Shepard as they rushed around dealing with said drunk annoying tourists.  Although I love the idea of working at a resort or a vacation destination, I could NEVER have the patience they are blessed with to do what they do at that bar.  And all with a smile on their faces.  Probably a fake one but who cares.

I hopped on the water taxi back home at 5 and took a much needed nap.  And dammit, Kendra texted me to go out with her to karaoke at Charley’s. I just can’t turn down a fun time.  Ugh.  I picked her up at her apartment and we arrived to a bar full of REALLY drunk annoying tourists.  The same drunk annoying tourists that were at Chat N Chill all day long.  They tied one on for sure.  Many of them likely arrived to the island earlier in the day and it’s easy to go all out on your first night of vacation.  I get it.  They insisted on singing all of the most awful songs ever, and long ones at that.  Bohemian Rhapsody really???  Who sings that song in public?  It’s like 10 freaking minutes long.  Kendra tried to take over but the tourists weren’t having it.  They wanted to continue their painful-to-listen-to cliche karaoke songs.  But, thankfully, they began to leave one by one and a few locals stopped by to check out the scene.  They too were as annoyed as I so they quickly departed to the other bar that is busy on Sunday nights (can’t remember the name of it but I haven’t been there yet).  I called it a night as I didn’t foresee it getting any better.

Today was a lazy day.  A storm rolled through bringing much needed rain and clouds to the islands.  Sucks for us vacationers but the locals welcome it.  Unless of course they are in the tourism business. I spent the day catching up on personal responsibilities, grocery shopping, and running errands.  I’m starting to feel like a local and I love it.  Now I just have to find a job.  Hmph.  Here’s to hoping Kendra doesn’t text me to go out.  Because of course I’ll say yes. Fingers crossed!


Go away storm!

“Faith is your best buddy when you’re scared shitless.” Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass.


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