Touring the Magnificent Exuma Cays Cont’d

Sorry when Rosemary calls for me, I give her my full attention.  I appreciate and soak up every minute I get to spend listening to her speak.  So back to where I left off…

I was describing my lunch, how ravenous I was, and how I ate enough to feed a young hippo.  After lunch, we took the looooong trip back towards home but stopped to see the iguanas on the way.  Because we were an hour behind we were beginning to lose sunlight and the bugs were coming out in full force.  Andrew warned us that iguana island would be full of no-see-ums and he was wasn’t kidding!  Ouch.  We fed them lettuce, took some pics and hopped back on the boat for home.  The sunset wanted to be gorgeous but a damn rain cloud was in the way the entire trip back.    We said our goodbyes to everyone as the bus dropped each of us off at our respective locations.  So besides the little SNAFU, it was a great trip and I recommend everyone do this if time allows.  Speaking of, did you know that SNAFU is an acronym?  I didn’t until recently.  Situation Normal All F*cked Up.  Now you are informed, if you weren’t already.


Feeding the iguanas.

Kerry and I thought we would be so exhausted by the time we got back that we wouldn’t feel like doing anything.  But it was her birthday and we decided to at least have a drink at the Exuma Beach Resort to celebrate one last time.  So we rallied.  I made the mistake of telling the bartender it was Kerry’s birthday and we suffered through at least 6 different rounds of sugary shot concoctions that he made for us and others at the bar.  Blaph.  It sure tasted like Sambuca was in every one of them and that might be my least favorite alcohol on the planet.  Whoever decided the flavor of anise (black licorice) should be orally consumed needs mental help.  Anyhow, we met some great people at the bar and had a blast.  But we were going to turn into pumpkins if we didn’t leave soon so we called it a night.

There are several different tour operators in the Exumas that I know of and I highly recommend anyone visiting to get in touch with one of them to get off the mainland and out into the cays.

  • Exuma Water Sports
  • Four C’s Adventures
  • Robert’s Island Adventures
  • Starfish Adventures
  • Sugar Adventures
  • Do you see a trend here with the names?

I haven’t heard complaints about any of them and I don’t think you can go wrong.  Some will do the full day tour all the way up to Staniel Cay like we did but others will stay further south and focus on Elizabeth Harbour and the other pig island that is closer to Great Exuma.   Either way, just do it.

So I’m getting some complaints about the hat I’m wearing in the pictures and that it’s way too big for my head.  Lol!  Here is the story on the hat.  I realized the day before my trip that I didn’t have a good hat that would protect me from the sun so I went to the mall.  I haven’t been in an indoor mall in years and it was quite depressing but that’s besides the point.  I couldn’t find a hat anywhere so I went to Lids, a hat store for sports enthusiasts and gangstas most commonly I imagine.  Almost every hat was a mens hat and on top of that most of them were fitted and not adjustable.  I don’t have any favorite sports teams so I that limited my selection even more.  I ended up with this Hurley hat and as it turns out, I love it!  It’s so big that it covers my ears and the bill is so obnoxiously wide that it shades my entire face.  So there!  I will do my best to take more pics without it. 🙂


For all my hat haters. 🙂

For tons more pics, checkout my Facebook page.

“Your job isn’t to know the how, it’s to know the what and to be open to discovering, and receiving the how.” Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass.

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