Starfish Beach and Catch A Fire Bar and Grill

The goal for the day was to get some snorkeling in and find some starfish at Starfish beach.  The nice Canadian couple we met at the Exuma Beach Resort bar came along with us on the adventure for the day.  We picked them up at their hotel at 9:45 and booked it for the 10:00 water taxi to get over to Stocking Island.  They dropped us off at Starfish Beach which is just north of Chat N Chill but far enough away and “buggy” enough that we didn’t want to walk so the water taxi was going to leave us at Starfish beach for a couple hours and then take us to Chat N Chill so we could eat and walk over to Black Rock reef.  That’s the small reef I kayaked to my first week here.

Starfish beach is certainly not teeming with starfish.  It is actually quite difficult to find them but in my opinion that makes it more fun.  Like an Easter egg hunt.  Strangely, they look black underwater so they don’t stick out very well.  But then when you get them to the surface, their vibrant orange and red colors are unreal.  They are extremely large and heavy, making them a little difficult to handle given they have small knobby spikes all over them.  We set off snorkeling in around the beach but there wasn’t much to see.  A few barracuda here and there but there isn’t a reef or anything near the beach.  After about 10 minutes I found a starfish!  I proudly brought it over to the others to share and went on with my search for more.  No luck.  They typically hang out in deeper waters and it’s just plain creepy to snorkel in deep water so I went to shore where I noticed the rest of the group was laying out.  I later went in for round two and found another!  Yesssss.  I REALLY wanted to have two of them so I could pose with my new starfish bikini top.  That proved extremely difficult.  The spikes were digging into my hands because they were so heavy.  But I succeeded.

We swam around for the rest of the time there and the water taxi was right on time.  That’s shocking actually.  The driver, AJ, took us over to Chat N Chill and we headed for the bar to grab a drink and some food.  The season is just starting to pick up here so things are getting a little busier.  And the bar was packed.  Totally packed.  I waited for at least a half an hour to order food but no luck.  So we had Reynaldo over at the conch stand make us some conch salad.   That butthead put WAY too much ghost pepper in it so we could barely get it down.  He just giggled at us wusses.  It took so long to get drinks and we wasted so much time waiting to order food that we ran out of time to go to Black Rock reef.  I was bummed they didn’t get to see it but we still have the rest of the week that we can try to squeeze it in.  Time flew by and the taxi was waiting for us so we packed up and headed home so we could get to Catch A Fire Bar and Grill for the sunset.




With the time change, the sun sets around 5:00 so we quickly cleaned up and changed and headed for the restaurant on the other side of the island.  Catch A Fire was delightfully beautiful.  It’s an outdoor restaurant (most of them are) right on the water with amazing views of some of the other cays and perfectly positioned for sunsets.  The bugs were awful at dusk but the staff was prepared with bug spray for all of the guests.  The live bad started at about 7 and Catherine, Tamara, and several of the other locals I have met here arrived.  Food was great, drinks were great, and we had a nice relaxing night.  As we walked to the car, I noticed Shepard standing at the entrance with another guy I have seen everywhere in town and some other tourists.  He apologized profusely for the delay in service at Chat N Chill during lunchtime and of course I told him it was no big deal.  Kendra was on vacation and he was working alone.  Ain’t no thang.  I assured him we would see him again in the next couple of days.  And we called it a night.

“Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse-free world.”  Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass.




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