Snorkel Adventure in the Front Yard

Holy perfect weather!!!  I knew when I got here that there was a reef right in the front yard of the house but I had not yet had the opportunity to check it out due to weather conditions.  Today, there was barely a gust and the water was like glass.  The perfect opportunity to check this off the to-do list.  First, Kerry and I headed to the Driftwood Cafe in Georgetown for breakfast before getting a start to our short but totally awesome day.  As we walked from the car to the cafe, we heard “Kerry and Airie” coming from the other side of the road.  Ha!  It was Lee, a local from Charley’s last night that we chatted up for awhile.  He was sitting downtown waiting for a ride to work.  Small island.  Very small island.  After we were fat and happy, we headed back to the house to gear up for our snorkel adventure in the front yard.

I haven’t seen the water so clear and so calm since I’ve been here so I was pumped.  The reef out front is called the “students coral reef”. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I’m guessing that perhaps it refers to the fact it’s easy to access and is not at all challenging or frightening in any way.  It’s not in 20 feet of water in the middle of the ocean or anything.  You just swim right from the beach about 100 yards out and it sits in about 8 feet of water.  No biggie.  But it is breath taking for such a shallow and easily accessible reef.  It was teeming with fish.  Small fish, but that is to be expected in shallow waters.  Kerry spotted a spectacular lion fish in one of the reef heads.  Lion fish are not native to this area and extremely invasive so they are hunted by humans regularly.  However, their spiky fins are venomous so you must take caution when going after one of these suckers.  I also spotted a “little skate” and a stingray that were magnificent to watch.  The “little skate”, which is exactly the name of the species, is so camouflaged that you can barely see it on the bottom.  The stingray was pretty large and snuck right up on me, which is a bit startling since they just come out of nowhere.  I sure as hell didn’t want to be the next Steve Irwin so I filmed it for second and then got the F out of there.  Especially since I was alone during this go around of snorkeling.  This ain’t no Chat N Chill stingray that wants to rub all up in your business for food.


The beach in the front yard.


The view of the beach from the deck.


More of the beach in the front yard where the reef is located.


More GoPro selfies.


Fish, fish, and more fish. Hundreds of species!


Visibility was clear as glass.


See that little guy camouflaged in the middle?


And this guy not so much. He is quite large but hard to tell in this image. About 3 feet wide.


Crystal clear water.


Found an awesome looking snail. The shell was flawless.

I frolicked and swam in the harbor for awhile after snorkeling and made my way back home.  Kerry, Rosemary and I sat on the porch for a couple hours and again mused about random topics.  Rosemary went to take a nap and Kerry and I went for a very early dinner at August Bay, a local hotel that was one of the only places in town serving dinner at 6:00.  Not a long day but just a few snorkeling sessions in the Exumas can turn a normal day into a spectacular day.  And it did.  Eat, beach, sleep, repeat.  That’s my new routine. Tomorrow is a BIG day.  Stay tuned.

“Most answers reveal themselves through doing, not thinking.”  Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass.

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