Sunday Funday!

My blogs for the next week will change from “I” to “we”.  I was super stoked that my friend Kerry was joining me for a week here in the Exumas and so I spent the most of the morning preparing for her arrival at the house.  She flew in at 12:30 so Rosemary and I left for the airport at noon.  My goal for the afternoon was to get a rental car, get the friend, get her home, and make the 2:00 water taxi to Stocking Island so we could partake in the Sunday Pig Roast festivities and food.   And happy to say I was successful in all tasks.  

If I haven’t already explained, which I don’t think I have, they drive on the left side of the road here.  Sounds a bit challenging but when there is only one road, it sure makes life much easier.  There are a couple of roundabouts on the island that get a little sketchy but anytime I make a turn or get to a roundabout, Kerry and I just chant “left, left, left”.  Easy as pie.  And just as easy when you’re drinking too, for the record.  Oh yeah, they allow that here.  There’s not much they don’t allow in the Bahamas.  But not only do I have to drive on the left side of the road, my steering wheel is on the right side of the car.  It’s likely just a cruel trick they like to play on Americans.  Let’s not only make them change sides of the road, let’s reverse the design of the car too!  And then we’ll sit and watch the clusterfuck.  Perfect!  Oh and we’ll put the headlights and turn signals on the opposite site of the steering wheel.  That should REALLY confuse the hell out of them.  No big deal.

Kerry arrives and we hop in the car and head for home with plenty of time to meet Rosemary, change, and get to the water taxi.  The water taxi was pulling away just as we arrived but we were able to hop on and head for Chat N Chill.  Catherine from the Exuma Foundation was going to meet us there and show us the new eco-resort her boyfriend is currently building on Stocking Island.  But we were getting hangry (yes hangry) and inhaled the pig roast lunch first.  Stocking Island was a mad house.  I’ve never seen so many people and boats there before but they are just about roll into their busy season so it’s to be expected I suppose.  Shepard and Kendra were working as usual but were so busy we couldn’t chat.  So we just chilled.  Catherine and her boyfriend arrived and we took a seat by the volleyball game in the shade to catch up and watched the diverse group of tourists and locals play the longest game of volleyball ever.

We planned to leave on the 5:00 taxi and it was about 4:00 so Catherine offered to take us on the grand tour of the resort.  There are no sidewalks or roads on Stocking Island.  Everything has to be accessed by boat (or walking through the bush but then you risk walking into poison wood which is  no bueno) so we hopped in their little boat and headed for their dock which was just around the corner.  I should have taken some pics from the water but you can see several little bungalows from the lagoon (Turtle Lagoon to be exact, if you recall where I found turtles on the surface from my kayak but they eluded me when I was snorkeling).  The resort is being built as “green” as possible.  It’s been two years in the making and they probably have 6-12 months to go (my estimation).  All of the land was cleared by hand with machetes and no heavy equipment was brought in to install or build anything.  Unreal.  Even the backup generator that weighs some ungodly amount was rolled off a boat through the sand and up some stairs using pipes and whatever other clever ideas they could come up with.  They use compost toilets, solar energy, outdoor showers, and will have gardens throughout the property the restaurant will use to feed the guests.  It’s such an impressive place and the interior of the units are just gorgeous, not to mention the views!  Catherine and her boyfriend are living in one of the finished units while he manages the construction of the others.  This resort is a pet project for the American owners that live just across the harbor.  Must be nice!


Dock at the resort


This will be the restaurant with huge deck.


Catherine’s new garden


Wrap around porch of Catherine’s unit.


Solar powered resort


Compost toilets


One of the many bungalows


Outdoor showers


Sunsets for days….literally.

We were running out of time so Catherine boated us back over to Chat N Chill and we hopped on our taxi back to Georgetown.  The sunset on the way was beautiful as always but nice to see again since I rarely get to watch it from Rosemary’s (trees in the way).  But her brother has a lookout deck right next door that I can use to watch it if I wish. We arrived at home and Rosemary greeted us with some rum punch and sat out on the porch with us for awhile to get to know Kerry a little bit.  We marveled at the stars and the milky way for quite some time.  I can’t remember the last time I could see so many stars.  I never think to even look up though since I’m used to either living in a city or living under pine trees.  Hmph.  I’m really missing out.

Rosemary headed in for the night and Kerry and I quickly changed and headed for some food and drinks at the Fish Fry.  Sunday night is karaoke night at Charley’s at the Fish Fry and it is THE place to go.  Each night there is a different “it” bar and Sunday that is “it”.  We decided to eat at Shirley’s of course and met tons of tourists.  The are a zillion Brits and Canadians here.  Like everywhere.  So we chatted with them for awhile, met more, chatted with them, met more and so on.  I had the whole red snapper and dang it was good.  Not surprising though.  Shots were had for Kerry’s bday, purchased by one of the groups and on we went to Charley’s, which was about 100 feet away.  There were already several people in the bar and karaoke was in full effect.  It was a good mix of locals and tourists but that quickly changed throughout the night to all tourists.  Kendra, the bartender at Chat N Chill met us there and took over the microphone for a solid 2 hours.  That girl can sing!  And rap.  The bartender at Charley’s kept coming out from behind the bar and dancing which was a joy to watch.  She just couldn’t help herself.  And pretty much anything goes here so why wouldn’t she.


Shirley’s Red Snapper

The week brings lots of exciting adventures so stay tuned!

“When we share what we are brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves.” Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass.

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