Tour de Exumas

The island got some much needed rain today but only a few showers here and there. Strangely, the Exumas is an extremely arid chain of islands (says Rosemary and I believe everything she says). I don’t understand weather enough to explain why but it’s extremely difficult to grow anything here. So when they see rain in the forecast, they jump for joy. Not literally but you know. The wind was also quite gusty today so snorkeling was not on the agenda.

I sat with Rosemary on her porch (as I do nearly everyday) and we had a great talk as usual. We often discuss her life, or my life, or the history of the Exumas and such and she offered to take me on a little mini tour of part of the island. I had no plans for the day and the Exuma Foundation project in the afternoon was postponed to tomorrow so it worked out perfectly! We hopped in the car and drove south, stopping at various places along the way. She knows all of the little hidden gems on the island so I took mental note of many of them so I could go back and spend more time there. Some are just jaw dropping gorgeous. Now I just have to figure out HOW to get back there; kayak, boat, car, etc. Remember, you have to be resourceful and creative here! Below are some of the stops we made:


The most jaw dropping view in person. In the distance is Man O War Cay. Sandbars for days. I must make my way there at some point. MUST!


This is a Salt Beacon. It was used hundreds of years ago to notify ships that salt is nearby. Behind this beacon, across the highway is a salt pond.


Panorama of the view from the Salt Beacon. Wow!


View from the Salt Beacon


Forbes Hill Beach


The other side of Forbes Hill beach


Tropic of Cancer beach. Check out the cool storm.

Rosemary was having friends over for a game of Mahjong so we had to get back by noon. Mah what you ask??? Yeah, no clue. Never heard of it. So we headed back but not before picking up a lady “thumbing” for a ride.

The rest of the day I just relaxed at the house and on the porch watching the storms roll through the harbor. There’s so much to see and feel right from this balcony. Makes me appreciate the simpler things.

Tomorrow awaits…

“It’s just as easy to believe we’re awesome as it is to believe we’re giant sucking things.”  Jen Sincero, You are a Bad Ass

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