Seven Bridges Trail Fail…and Mastering the GoPro Selfie

Off I went today to soak in the Colorado sun on a trail I hadn’t yet hiked called Seven Bridges Trail. It’s in North Cheyenne Canon (pronounced Canyon but I don’t have a tilde on my keyboard.  Do I?) which is a hikers playground just 10 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs.  Where else can you get these kinds of views and mountain love just 10 minutes from a major metropolitan area!?!?  I live in the greatest damn city I swear.

Seven Bridges Trail is just that.  Seven bridges that cross the same creek, all built a little differently and have unique characteristics and scenery.  It’s a moderately difficult 4.75 mile out and back that starts in the top parking lot of North Cheyenne Canon, through the LEFT gate in the parking lot.  That would be west, not east.  Left, not right.  I’m speaking from experience, as in a ‘today experience’.  I charged through that damn RIGHT/EAST gate with all the confidence in the world that I knew exactly where I was going.  Trail fail.  I walked about a half mile up Upper Gold Camp Rd only to realize that I was far far away from trail 622/Seven Bridges.  Luckily, I still had service so I could look the trail up on the interweb for the umpteenth time and find out where it REALLY started.  Sigh…that was a mile long fail.  HOWEVER, the views of Colorado Springs along the way were unreal and it was all worth it in the end.


My confidence glows before my soon-to-be-discovered trail fail.


Overlooking Colorado Springs during my trail fail. Worth it!

I finally got back to where I started and proceeded through the LEFT/WEST gate, the gate I have to go through EVERY time I have ever hiked in this area, and I finally set my sights on Seven Bridges.  The trailhead was located about .7 miles down the gravel road when the road starts to bend and it’s only marked with the trail marker 622.  No where in sight does it say Seven Bridges but whatever.  I was where I needed to be and I was sure of it.


The gravel road to the trailhead. This is through the LEFT/WEST gate.

The first bridge was just a couple hundred feet from the trailhead and the bridges continued for another mile or more.


One of the bridges.


Another bridge


Yellow aspens on the way to one of the bridges.


Yet another bridge.  Couldn’t tell you which one.


Same bridge as above.


You guessed it.  Another bridge.


Guess what?!?  Another bridge.

Although any water feature on a hike is eye candy for me, the real goldmine was after the seventh bridge where most people turn around.  Like most, I didn’t know if I was supposed to keep going or if the trail ended soon.  So I just kept going.  And man, am I glad I did.  I was soooo close to turning around but the trail just kept piquing my interest and I was curious to know where it went.

Around every bend and every corner after that seventh bridge was another bad ass surprise.  Rock formations, neon yellow aspens, waterfalls, etc.  I thought surely all of the aspens in the area had fallen already but alas I was wrong.  The sights were just breathtaking and my photos don’t even capture just how captivating this section of the hike was.  And because of my awesome professional photography skills, I also managed to capture a hot pink UFO in many of my pictures. I really wasn’t alone after all….


Super cool waterfall past the seventh bridge.  And UFO.  And pretending I’m not taking a selfie.  Pretty good eh?


Some of the aspens and the trail ahead.  Yeah, it gets a little sketchy in parts.


The vibrant yellow aspens peppered through the dark green pine trees is just amazing.


Another UFO hovering.

Besides checking another new hike off my to-do list, I also practiced mastering the GoPro selfie, the most dreadful part about doing anything alone.  F-ing selfies.  My selfie skills are non existent as I’ve never come to appreciate the fish in a fishbowl look that selfies seem to accentuate.  Nor am I so narcissistic that I feel that you should see me at an even closer distance than you would if I were talking to you in person.  Phones can violate my personal space just as much as you can.  What I do believe, however, is that if I’m going to share my travels with you (as if you are as interested in them as I), then I should probably be in some of the pictures.  Landscape pictures get really old really fast.  Like the one above.  And you can see how well I’ve nailed the art of photography already by capturing perhaps the first ever photo of a hot pink UFO.  So I’m working on my selfie mastery.  What I CAN promise you is that you won’t get any duck face.  Just look at any of Kim Kardashians photos and you’ll understand.  If I EVER present a duck face in a photo over the next couple of months, it better be for good reason and I better explain that reason or I give you full permission to call me out on it.  Deal?     Until next time friends…

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