Testing my new Osprey Tempest 20 Backpack

Thanks to all of you that read my first blog!  The feedback has been fantastic…and quite shocking actually.  Who knew you people would appreciate my tongue-in-cheek, non-conforming, break my English teacher’s heart writing style.  Frankly, I don’t enjoy writing, rather, I DESPISE writing but blogging is a bit different.  I can write like I talk and no one can critique it.  Airie 1, Haters 0.

The weather in Colorado was AMAZING today and a good hike was necessary.  The perfect opportunity to test out my new Osprey Tempest 20 backpack.  I’ve never owned an official hiking backpack but it was much needed given I live in the capitol of hiking plus I needed something to store all of my beach/fishing/snorkeling/kayaking/swimming with the pigs and turtles/shark slaying/island hopping supplies for Exuma.  Because I won’t have a car, this Osprey backpack will be a lifesaver as I wander to and fro “downtown” Georgetown, THE only town on the island.  Ohhhh the looks on the locals faces as my skinny white white white white girl touristy self meanders up and down THE road on the island will be priceless.  I should strap my GoPro to my head just so you can see what I see.  The people of Exuma are extremely helpful and kind so it’s not necessarily hatred or resentment (after all I’m spending my money there which keeps food on their tables), it’s just pure confusion.  Tourists can afford rental cars (not this tourist) but renting a car in Exuma is about as expensive as renting a place to stay.  Not to mention that the vehicles are typically 1985 Nissan Altimas with little to no working features and tires that should have been turned into playground dirt 10 years ago.  Wait that causes cancer now. Scratch that.  Most vehicle-less locals hitchhike (Bahamians call it thumbing), but not sure I’m down for that, nor will I need to as my walk to town for liquor, er..uh..groceries, will only be about 10 minutes.  Yep I’m doing it.  I’m GoPro-ing this social experiment.  I think I just made GoPro a verb.  Anyhow, stay tuned for that episode.  Should be fun.

Back to Colorado.  Today, I hiked Section 16 with a good friend of mine Jaime.  It’s a fairly easy 6 mile hike (loop), but the interweb would likely call it moderate.  The first mile or two is pretty steep and rocky but nothing Honey Boo Boo can’t get up.  The rest of the trail rolls for a bit and then turns into a gradual downhill trail that ends at a dirt road.  No animals to speak of but it does cross a waterfall/creek.  The views along the trail are ridiculously amazing and overlook all of Colorado Springs.  There are several photo opportunities along the majority of the trail as it travels along the east side of the mountain range.  Here are some pics:


The pretend you are solving the worlds problems pose.




The backpack seemed to work well, although a 6 mile hike is a poor test for a backpack with all of the bells and whistles it provides.  I did my best to fill all the nooks and crannies with useless stuff but it got to the point of ridiculousness.  Coloradans don’t even take water on a 6 mile hike let alone   bring 3 oranges, 3 packages of crackers, a granola bar, a 1.5L water pack, keys, phone, sunglasses, hat, jacket, chapstick, GoPro and selfie stick for a hike they probably do on a daily basis.  Overkill.  But I am a lover of compartments so I just had to do it.

However, there are SO many compartments on the backpack, I honestly don’t even know what to do with them.  There are loops and straps and belts, oh my.  The back of the pack has ventilation so you don’t get drenched in your own sweat.  I do love the little elastic straps on the front harness that can hold a myriad of necessities, one of which is the magnet for my water hose thingy.  We’re getting really technical here now.  The hose from the water bag gets in my face so I’ll have to find a better solution to keeping it out of the way but still easily accessible.  Here is the beauty in all its glory:




So we’ll see how this fares against the brutal elements in the islands.  I’ve also purchased an Adventure Lion waterproof bag to take on the kayak but more on that later.  I should probably buy a waterproof case for my phone but MAN I don’t want to spend $80 on that bad boy.  I’ll just procrastinate doing the inevitable.  Sometimes I feel like if I just ignore something it will go away, but I’m doubtful the need for a waterproof case will just disintegrate into thin air.  Any suggestions out there from the 5 people who are reading this?  If so, message me.

Until next time…

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