Falling Hard for Montevideo, Uruguay

Oh Uruguay.  What a fabulous and humbling country.  Montevideo, its capital, is home to the majority of Uruguay’s population and where I spent four delightful weeks.  My first impression of the country wasn’t…..well, impressive.  My quaint little apartment was right in the heart of the capital near Ciudad Viaje (“Old Town”) in a concrete jungle littered with trash, dog … Continue reading Falling Hard for Montevideo, Uruguay

Exuma: 3rd Annual Ladies Kayak Trip

3rd annual ladies kayak trip.  Wow. Never thought I would type THAT after the treacherous paddle back to our launch site during my 1st annual. But I keep coming back and it just keeps getting better.  Admittedly, I was panicked as the wind forecast was even WORSE than that traumatic day during the first trip (which I wrote alllll … Continue reading Exuma: 3rd Annual Ladies Kayak Trip

Goodbyes Suck.

There’s no question that my time spent in Floripa was absolutely remarkable. I met 25 strangers from all over the world that became 25 of my closest friends. Traveling solo has its benefits but now I truly believe traveling with a group has even more. I was able to do more, see more, feel more, … Continue reading Goodbyes Suck.

Hiking to Costa da Lagoa…and Other Random Observations

There’s something about destination hiking that I absolutely adore. Whether the end of the trail offers expansive views, a water feature, or a historical landmark, it almost always makes the pain worth the effort. The trail we hiked on Saturday was no different. Costa da Lagoa is a small fishing village just outside our neighborhood … Continue reading Hiking to Costa da Lagoa…and Other Random Observations